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About Us

Liter of Light Bangladesh is a research & innovation-based social enterprise researching to innovate Do-it-yourself solution to some vital problems in our society. Our projects revolve around renewable energy, clean water,  menstrual hygiene, livelihood & micro-enterprising etc.
Our initiatives focus on United Nation’s SDG1, SDG6, SDG7, SDG9, SDG11, SDG13, SDG17.
We Innovate to Impact, We Innovate to  Change the World.

What We Do?

Lighting up underprivileged lives free-of-cost, ensuring clean water for communities, providing menstrual hygiene solutions, bringing livelihood opportunities for the deprived, serving Rohingya refugees, building a plastic-free Bangladesh; these are the activities Liter of Light Bangladesh doing.

Impact in Numbers


Projects and Campaigns designed and implemented since 2015


Communities empowered in Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar including Rohingya camp.


People directly impacted with improved livelihoods through our projects


Children & women ensured safe environment because  clean energy light.

Project LightGiver

Project LightGiver is mostly a volunteer run project, where volunteers make innovative products or devices with their own hands to improve peoples’ living standard. Young volunteers make hundreds of solar lamp and streetlights using small solar panel, used plastic bottle, PVC pipe or bamboo, LED light & small circuit materials. These lights are then distributed free-of-cost to electricity-deprived communities such as costal areas, hill tract areas, island, slum & refugee camps etc. Liter of Light Bangladesh aims to lit up at least one locality free-of-cost every month.

Project SolarPreneur

Project SolarPreneur is an Enterprise Development Program,  where we train underprivileged youth how to make solar lights. So that, they can make lights and sell them to earn livelihood. This program has started from January 2020 at Teknaf. Underprivileged youth  whom are unemployed in Teknaf, we trained them and produce solar lamps and streetlights by them to provide it to International NGOs and UN organizations so that they can distribute free-of-cost to underprivileged community.


Project Bishuddha Pani

Project Bishuddha Pani (Purified water) is an innovative social initiative first implemented in 2020 by Liter of Light Bangladesh which empowers marginalized communities through safe water access. We install and do the maintenance of water purifying filtering system in the school, madrasa, mosque and similar social community places free-of-cost . The project initially uses donor or corporate CSR  funding to set up a safe water system in community places and then teaches community members on how to technically and financially maintain them to ensure sustainable safe water access in the long run. Currently we are active in Chittagong & Cox’s Bazar, ensuring safe water for 5,000 people. Soon we will expand our this noble initiative countrywide.

Project MyPad

Approximately 95% of the menstruating females in Bangladesh do not use sanitary pads because they cannot afford them, leading to illnesses and increased absences from school or work. It causes vital diseases, even some end up dying. Also, single-use sanitary pads become environment hazard as it doesn’t degrade easily. To solve these problems, ensuring menstrual hygiene, and save the environment, Liter of Light Bangladesh started Project MyPad where we train underprivileged females on making cheap reusable napkins from garment scraps. It brings livelihood scopes, as well as ensuring low-cost sanitary napkins to underprivileged females. Our model demonstrates a possible solution: a low-cost sanitary napkin made of garment waste. Low-cost sanitary napkins can drastically change the lives of women working in factories.

Project Rohingya Response

After generations of statelessness and marginalization in Rakhine State in Myanmar, extreme violence an estimated 706,000 Rohingya people came to Bangladesh for shelter.

We started providing bottle solar lamps, streetlights to the refugee camps. We are partnering up with International NGOs and donor agencies. Rohingya & host community youths are get training for self reliance and then they make solar lamps & streetlight to sell them in the camp.

Project LightUpTogether

Project LightUpTogether is a project we started to spread our innovations & technologies around the country to solve society’s problem nationally. We partner up with nonprofit voluntary organizations, university clubs & other community service entities to implement our initiatives locally. We train the organizations on making solar lamps & streetlights out of easily available materials, then they  raise funds locally and lit up their own locality by volunteer-made lights. We share tutorials of our innovations online so that anyone can adopt the technology and lit up communities.


Project YardFishing

Project YardFishing is a project where we research & implement advanced fish-farming methods such as aquaculture, biofloc. We train underprivileged people & families on advanced technology-based fish-farming, and help them setup their own farm at their yard. We implement these projects in partnership with International Organizations & Donor agencies. This project enables peoples to earn money which is a livelihood opportunity and also ensures food for deprived communities.
Recently we are implementing this project in Rohingya Refugee Camp in Cox’s Bazar.


Innovation and R&D

We research & innovate technologies to solve the social issues.

Impacting Lives

We impact lives by implementing project based on our innovated technology.

Enterprise Development

We train rural people to turn them into micro solar entrepreneur and consult NGO & nonprofits to replicate our technology.




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