Sadman Shahriar Chowdhury

I'm a student of Environmental Science Discipline, Khulna University.

SDG 13: Climate Action

Global warming is an alarming issue now. All the people around the world have come forward to mitigate this climatic problem. United Nations has initiated Sustainable Development Goal 13: Climate Action to take action to combat climate change. This goal has been established in 2015 and it has the targets to be achieved by 2030. Liter of Light Bangladesh is also working hard to achieve SDG 13 in Bangladesh. Each and every country of the …

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International Women’s Day

Women are the beautiful creation of the Almighty. Life without a woman is quite impossible. All the great people of the world are born from the womb of a woman and it is a woman from whom those great people have taken their initial teachings. But this half of the humankind is not being treated equally in many cases. That is why women empowerment is a burning issue now. So, to ease our women’s revolutionary …

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